Over 1,000 churches have now signed up to the ecumenical project YourNeighbour.org, which has been set up in response to the coronavirus crisis.
YourNeighbour.org aims to support vulnerable and isolated people who are not able to access help in other ways. Anyone who contacts them by email or their helpline (0300 323 9952) will be connected with a local church, who can help with a phone call, shopping, picking up prescriptions, advice or pastoral support.

Many of CTE’s Member Churches are already involved including the Baptist Union, Assemblies of God, Methodist Church, Salvation Army, and dioceses from both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church.

Churches who join the network have access to experts and also relevant best practice tips, such as how to get and stay connected with their community. If your church wants to get involved then visit this webpagefor details.

YourNeighbour.org is an initiative of the Good Faith Foundation (GFF), a new charity seeking to combat social exclusion by bringing people together.

See the article on Churches Together England web page: https://cte.org.uk/Articles/573546/Home/News/Latest_news/_More_than.aspx

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