May they all be one... so that the world may believe" John 17:21

Promoting Christian Unity and supporting ecumenical activity in Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Rutland.


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU) 2022

NEW! Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU) 2022 - ‘We Saw His Star in the East’. WPCU is traditionally observed from the 18th to the 25th January – the octave of St. Peter and St. Paul. These materials have been prepared by the churches of the Middle East.
- Available FREE online in different formats in English, bilingual Welsh/English, Irish and Scots Gaelic

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Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD)

NEW! Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) – 27 Jan 2022.

This is a day for everyone to remember the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, and the millions of people killed under Nazi persecution, and in the genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.
- Available FREE online via Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) website.

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Racial Justice: What’s it got to do with me?

NEW! Racial Justice: What’s it got to do with me? 13th February 2022. This is very much a call for all Christians to engage in the righteous struggle for racial justice because racial justice is everyone’s business. For those who have previously not engaged with RJS because they did not feel equipped to do so, this resource will provide them with the tools to play an active role in this work.
- Available FREE online.

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​CTBI Magazine, Autumn Edition

Discover the latest from CTBI, its member churches and associated organisations. This magazine highlights the important work taking shape in climate change and the lead up to COP26, Churches’ Refugee Network, racial justice, inter faith relations and mission theology.
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Bible Month 2022:

Bible Month 2022: 30 days with Isaiah from the Methodist Connexion

Bible Month is an annual campaign that celebrates scripture by inviting churches to feast on one particular book of the Bible together.*

Through a menu of carefully curated resources, training and learning opportunities, churches are encouraged to taste and see the goodness of an individual text; enjoying some of its unique flavours, considering its origins, appreciating its place alongside the rest of scripture, and savouring the unique contribution it might make to our faithful living and learning today. * Usually in June.-

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Christian Helpline

Community and Social Action

Light Project Peterborough

Peterborough City Centre Chaplaincy
Request to pray for our City Centre Chaplains and perhaps an
opportunity to volunteer with us.

You may see our City Centre Chaplaincy volunteers in Cathedral Square or other large outdoor areas in the city. They may be stood holding signs that say “Free Hugs” or sat on a bench with the sign “I Will Listen”.
Alternatively our City Centre Chaplaincy volunteers can be found in local establishments such as The Drapers Arms, The College Arms, Argo Lounge and other similar places where they will chat with locals and engage with ‘table talk’ which is a popular conversation game.
Perhaps you have received a gift of kindness from our City Centre Chaplaincy volunteers.
We can sometimes be found setting up a free fruit stall or giving out daffodils to people in
Peterborough city centre that are working, lunching or shopping. The wonderful thing about
the City Centre Chaplaincy is the reaction and response from the public. This is always a
response of interest and the innovative nature of our activities often creates amazing
opportunities for conversation as well as sharing our faith and prayer. If you are interested in
volunteering with our City Centre Chaplaincy team then please contact us directly and we will
contact you with more details. www.lightprojectpeterborough.org.uk/contact/
“As a chaplain it is exciting, rewarding and heartwarming to share God’s unconditional love”
Raquel (city centre chaplain)

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