that cover the county and city bounded by Northants and Peterborough.
"Find a church" facilities are included within.

The Church of England:
Diocese of Peterborough
covers Northants & Peterborough
Diocese of Ely
covers the south of Peterborough

Baptist Union of Great Britain:
Central Baptist Association
includes most of Northants:
East Midlands Baptist Association
includes Peterborough and NE Northants

Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales:
Diocese of East Anglia
includes Peterborough:
Diocese of Northampton
includes Northants:

Methodist Church of Great Britain:
District of Northampton
covers Peterborough & Northants.

Salvation Army
East Midlands Division includes Northants
East Anglia Division includes Peterborough

United Reformed Church
United Reformed Church
East Midlands Synod covers Peterborough and Northants