A Prayer for our Chaplains at Peterborough City Hospital (PCH)
& Peterborough Regional College / University Centre Peterborough
We pray for all of our staff in these strange times, as they have to respond to the ongoing crisis and adapt to the changes in practices and culture in a very quick time, as events unfold.

We pray for our local churches Lord, that you would make them aware of those people from their local communities who are in hospital with COVID 19, and give them the strength to pray for them, particularly mindful that they might sense God's presence and find comfort given that they cannot see any of their family.

We pray for our churches, that as well as being aware of those who are in hospital, they are able to make supportive links with their families who are also experiencing distress and trauma.

For those who are self-isolating in light of the virus, as they support other family members. Lord open up all forms of communication. We pray especially for the needs of children and those who struggle to understand the need for isolation.

Above all we pray for our Chaplains who are searching for discernment in how they support other staff, parents, and families, in these hugely difficult circumstances.

© 2021 Shire and Soke